Saturday, January 5, 2008

WSCC Offers Classes to Get You Off The Couch

So you just can't talk yourself into getting outside for your exercise in the winter? West Shore Community College is offering Community Education Classes to boost your activity level, and probably have some fun doing it.

If water appeals to you, try these classes:
Swimnastics- designed for everyone. Low to moderate intensity exercise program emphasizing overall condition tone, endurance and strength. You do not need to know how to swim.

Advanced Swimnastics- Moderate intensity exercise with emphasis on muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Aquarobics- Low impact water aerobics suitable for all fitness levels with an emphasis to raise the heart rate and improve aerobic capacity.

Water Walking- A shallow water exercise program to increase range of motion, strength and flexibility while decreasing pain and discomfort. Perfect for a beginner, or someone who has had recent surgery.

Kids Level 1 and 2 Swim Lessons- Level 1 is a beginner swim designed to make kids comfortable in the water. Level 2 is designed to improve swimming skills. Kids must be toilet trained and able to follow directions. No parents in the water.

And if you don't like getting wet, check out these offerings:
Fun-Tastic Floor Aerobics- Elevate your heart rate with easy aerobic routines done to energetic music, and core strength exercises.

Full Body Flexibility- Stretch your muscles head to toe to improve flexibility, balance and range of motion in a relaxing class.

Going Ballistic- This full body workout on the fitness ball is designed to improve strength, posture, balance and flexibility. For all fitness levels.

Yoga- Learn basic yoga poses and breathing techniques. Develop strength, flexibility and balance.

All classes begin the week of January 7. Call 845-6211, x 5862 or x 5510 to register for the classes.

by Joan H. Young
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