Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Of Vikings, Bumble Bees, and Loafers

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by Darby Prater
cardboard sled race
Doug Keller slides down the hill
in an intricately made shoe.
by Amber Suedmeyer for the Enquirer
"Whether spinning, tumbling, sliding or flying, all the sleds and riders made it down the hill somehow at Sunday's 17th Annual Cardboard Classic Sled Race at Victory Park.

Eighty-two entrants ages 3 through 77 took to the slopes to see what their cardboard creations could do.

While everyone was in it for a good time, at least one group of sledding enthusiasts took the competition very seriously. A group from Community Inclusive Recreation (CIR) of Battle Creek entered two sleds into the contest: "Nordic Sled," complete with two Viking riders; and "Bumble Bee," designed after the yellow robot hero in the Transformers movie.

It took 40 hours for eight people to design, construct and paint the Nordic Sled. It featured colorful dragon designs on a compact white frame... "

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