Tuesday, January 15, 2008

COSEE "Great Lakes Rocks" Online Workshop

Register now for the Centers for Ocean Sciences Educational Excellence (COSEE) online workshop named "Great Lakes Rocks."

Six topics will be featured
  • The solid earth system,
  • The bedrock and formation of the Great Lakes [including the upper and lower lakes],
  • Life & Rocks
  • Current geological processes,
  • Human impacts [vice-versa!], and
  • Ocean/lake deep exploration (sink holes, underwater archeology, NOAA's exploration book) studying the bottom, characteristics of the water at depth
The material will be available for one week, January 27- February 8, 2007. Anyone may register, but the material may be of particular interest to educators, scientists, and researchers.

The College of Exploration was founded in 1991 to develop and offer programs in leadership, the environment and technology. The College occasionally offers online workshops. These one, two, three or four week events can replace the need for face to face workshops when they are not economically or practically possible. Since 1997 online workshops on a range of topics from strategic planning to technology to tsunamis have been offered.

The College works with partners around the world on innovative and exploratory learning programs about the environment, the earth, the ocean, technology, leadership, learning and creativity.

from Centers for Ocean Sciences Educational Excellence
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