Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cub Scouts Slide in Traverse City

Hundreds of Cub Scouts, with brightly painted cardboard sleds swooped down the hills at East Silver Lake Park last weekend for an event known as Winter Wonderland. Snow sculpting, sled racing, snowmobile rides, and dog sled rides kept the kids busy. Hot dogs, chili and hot drinks fueled the fun.

Rockets and outhouses, fire engines, canoes, and even Sponge Bob carreened down the slopes, often ending in great pileups which the boys seemed to enjoy as much as the sledding.

Most of the cardboard sleds were built by teams of boys. One parent pointed out what a great life skill this was for them to learn- to have to work together.

The event is the largest all-volunteer event that the Cub Scouts have in northern Michigan. It takes fifty voluteers, and over a thousand man-hours to make the event happen. This is always a challenge for groups whose constituency grows through the program in just a few years.

Winter Wonderland was launched by one scout dad, Lee Cobb, three years ago. Cobb has three boys, so he expects to be around, volunteering, for a while yet.

"There's not a lot of stuff for Cub Scouts to do in the winter and this kind of fills in," Cobb noted.

from Grand Traverse Herald, "Scouts pack Winter Wonderland", Jan 30, 2008
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