Friday, January 11, 2008

Leave the Platypus, Drink Some Air

AquaMaker home unit
Is it possible that before long carrying a water filter will mean something completely different from what it does now?

The AquaMaker company offers both home and industrial sized units which distill water from the air, sanitize, and filter it. What's next... a solar powered hydration bag built into your backpack?

The company's web site says "AquaMaker’s proprietary water purification system delivers consistently high-quality, great-tasting water by removing particles, taste, odor, and potentially harmful substances. The unit is also equipped to prevent the growth of bacteria and provides a continuous effective protective agent in the water, helping to assure consistently high-quality, great tasting water."

Similar to a dehumidifier, the technology works by capturing humidity in the air and converting it into water.

The units are currently sold in the US, Australia, Israel, and several other countries. The large units are capable of producing up to 5,000 liters of water at a time. Backbackers or bikers would need something more on the order of a few quarts at a time.

Maybe someone should give AquaMaker a jingle and suggest this niche market for them.

by Joan H. Young
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