Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Where Trails Lead: Our Heritage

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by Stewart Udall (former Secretary of the Interior)

"Eighty years ago, when I was a boy growing up on a ranch near St. Johns, Ariz., trails formed the contours of my world. I'd take a trail to get to a neighbor's house or follow one along the river if I were looking for stray cattle. Trails were the most practical way of getting around in those days. But they were also irresistible to me. I'd walk a trail just to see where it led.

As we near the 40th anniversary of the National Trails System Act, I look out on a footpath that leads past my house into the mountains and think about the age-old pull of America's trails— the ones that led through the Cumberland Gap and over the Continental Divide, across the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada.

One of the greatest overland migrations in history followed a trail.... "

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