Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Grand Rapids Skier Dies on the Trail

Marc Gmiter
Marc Gmiter
Marc Gmiter set out Saturday afternoon for a quick cross-country ski outing in the Cannonsburg State Game Area despite cold temperatures. Gmiter was an experienced outdoorsman.

But when he did not return for supper, his family became worried and summoned police. Three teams of Grand Rapids Police searched, using snowmobiles, ATVs and Mid-Michigan Working Dogs. The temperatures were near zero.

Gmiter's body was found early the following morning along a ski trail just south of 5 Mile Road. An autopsy is scheduled. Foul play is not suspected, but rather a sudden medical condition, which was unspecified.

the 57-year-old Grand Rapids man is reported to have been fit and active. He worked as a sales rep for outdoor clothing and sports gear companies.

from theGrand Rapids Press, "Ailment suspected in skier's death", Jan 21, 2008
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