Friday, January 25, 2008

Deep Woods Fishing, Skiing and a Trailside Feast

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by Kim Schneider

"Found these woods irresistably photogenic during a recent media cross-country trip to Garland Resort in Lewiston as one stop in a promotion of Michigan's various winter trails and events. You could don boots and get out among them. But why would you when you've got Garland's ingenious lure: trailside treats on what they call their "Gourmet Glide."

A group of media types got an introduction to the concept on a recent mini-glide. "I wonder how many non-skiers they've converted with this," one writer asked. One skiing novice, a young radio reporter, fell 14 times, "well, maybe it was only 13," she said. She didn't have any trouble convincing the rest of the sympathetic group to wait while she sampled a bit more grilled trout at the outdoor "fishing" stop.... "

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