Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hiker Passport for the International Appalachian Trail

International AT
International Appalachian Trail
photo credit TCY, Wikimedia
Do you know about the Passport for the International Appalachian Trail – Quebec?

The International Appalachian Trail has a length of 1079 km. It starts at Katahdin, Maine, crosses New-Brunswick and travels along the Gaspé peninsula. You can experience some of the most panoramic sections anywhere, offering an incomparable view of the sea and the mountains. The Trail is clearly marked and has shelters and campgrounds with washrooms and platforms.

The Passport gives hikers the possibility of hiking the Quebec section without having to make any reservations for all the campsites, shelters, or refuges. It costs $300, or $500 for two people.

It does require that you give up your place in a shelter or on a camping platform to a hiker with a Sepaq reservation. At the end of the hike you must complete a questionnaire (trip report). The Passport is refundable 30 days before departure only, with a penalty of $25.

for more information go to the International Appalacian Trail
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