Thursday, January 31, 2008

2007 Equine Survey - Horse Population Surges

Results from the 2007 Michigan Equine Survey have been compiled. The survey was conducted last summer by the USDA, NASS, Michigan Field Office.

The estimate of equine in Michigan on June 1, 2007, was 155,000. That compared with 130,000 on June 1, 1996, the last time an inventory of equine was done in Michigan. The four most numerous breeds, in order, were American Quarter Horse, American Paint, Arabian, and Standardbred. They accounted for over half the total inventory.

Locally, Mason County has a listed horse count of 750. Manistee shows 600, Lake 550 and Oceana County with 1500 horses.

There were 35,000 equine operations in 2007, up from 28,700 in 1991. Almost two-thirds of the inventory was located on places with fewer than 10 equine. About 63 percent of the equine operations were on land zoned agricultural; the remainder was in areas zoned residential or other. Equine were more geographically dispersed than other livestock breeds; they were located in significant numbers in virtually every county.

Since most equine were on small or medium-sized operations, most equine-related labor was performed on an unpaid basis by 79,000 operators, partners, and family members. Nevertheless, equine operators spent $25 million on 4,300 hired workers in 2006. That was a fraction of the large number of workers who were supported by the equine industry but were not employed directly by equine operations: veterinarians, farriers, tack store operators, trainers, jockeys, etc.

Excluding wages and salaries to hired workers, operators and owners incurred $805 million of equine-related expenditures in 2006. These included costs for feed, fuel, health care, transportation, equipment, tack, boarding, bedding, breeding, show and race entry fees, and taxes. This amounted to a substantial contribution to the economy of the State.

from the USDA, "2007 Equine Survey Summary," Jan 15, 2008
also see an article in the Romeo Observer, "2007 Equine Survey Shows Biggest Use is Recreation", Jan 30, 2008
also see an article from the Lansing State Journal, "Equine aficionados enjoy surge in horse population", Jan 10, 2008
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