Saturday, January 19, 2008

Manistee Plans to SWIM Off 25 Tons

SWIM- "Shared Waters in Manistee" is the slogan for Bill and Martha Paine's pet project. The couple has donated funds for a community swimming pool.

An upbeat crowd of 80 people gathered Thursday night in Manistee, Michigan to hear more. The plans are big: an eight-lane, competition-size pool is in the works. The expected completion date is fall 2009.

With great enthusiasm, Corey VanFleet said that he hopes to "drown proof every child in Manistee County," and to help residents shed 25 tons of excess weight. He pointed out that the goal is easily obtainable- each of the 25,067 county residents only has to lose two pounds!

The pool will be built on the east side of the High School gym. There will be seating for 200 spectators, and a community locker room. A smaller therapy pool will also be included. Manistee County Recreation Association is expected to help with scheduling, and the city has kicked in $400,000 (over 10 years) for operations.

West Shore Medical Center has already approved use of the therapy pool, saying that it will "allow the hospital to expand it's aqua-therapy" programs. The boost to local economics has been noted as well.

from the Ludington Daily News, "Manistee pool to be 'a truly community facility'", by Kevin Braciszeski, Jan 18, 2008
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