Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wool vs Synthetics - Skip the Sock-Wringing

The following is an excerpt from a story which we believe is worthy of reading, but would lose too much of its charm if it were re-written for presentation on this blog. Please link through for the rest of the story, but hurry back! ... Editor

by Craig Medred

"Wool is back, according to the manufacturers of today's high-tech outdoor garments, but not just any wool. This is the new, feel-good wool: soft, light, itch-free, with the friendly scent of the pasture and -- most of all -- it's "natural."


The makers say these fabrics rival exotic synthetic apparel for warmth, weather-shedding and breathability.

Which raises a question:

If wool is manipulated to fool consumers into thinking it's Polarfleece, is it really wool?..."

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