Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Day at the Beach

wakeboard skiing in winter
West Olive resident Scott DeVries rides a wakeboard as he skis Tuesday during a snowstorm.
photo by Chris Potter, Muskegon Chronicle
It was just an ordinary day at the beach... in Michigan! Snow and wind can't keep some enthusiasts from water skiing, wakeboarding, and scuba diving.

The West Michigan Water Ski Association's Grand City Show Skiers headed for Pigeon Lake near Holland on New Year's Day for some water fun. The annual tradition began in the 1970's when the group wanted to extend the water skiing season.

Men and women, aged 12 on up participate. Several families have multi-generation involvement.

Most skiers wear wet or dry suits, but one man chose to ski barefoot around the lake this year in swim shorts. He then had to swim to shore in the frigid water. His friends were waiting with a bucket of hot water which they poured over him.

Not far away, scuba divers suited up for some forays under the ice.

The event even attracted some spectators, those who chose to stay dry and warmer. But skiers such as Scott DeVries countered, "It's always fun to go back to the office and brag to people what you did for New Year's."

from the Muskegon Chronicle, "Water skiers brave chill on Pigeon Lake", Jan 2, 2008
from the Holland Sentinel, "Brave souls chill out in new year", by Stephen Kloosterman, Jan 2, 2008
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