Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dow Opens Access Point on Pere Marquette Lake for Ice Fishing

"Dow’s goal has always been to be a good neighbor to the community who has given us so much," said Bill Berrett, general manager of Dow’s Ludington operations, as reported by the Ludington Daily News. "As we survey area residents, ice anglers in particular have been very vocal about the need to have access to fish from Dow's property on Buttersville Peninsula. After addressing all the associated issues, we are extremely pleased to have found a way to make this happen. Based on the input from the community and the positive response from our own employees, I am confident that the news will be well-received."

Dow Chemical Company has opened the access road off Lakeshore Drive, Ludington, on the Buttersville peninsula from Jan 1 to March 15. This allows access to the sand dock area on Pere Marquette Lake. The site was originally closed for chemical industry security reasons. By adding a gate on the road, the company can both meet the security regulations, and grant access during the winter months.

Anglers have continually fished the lake in this area, but had to walk around the peninsula known as the sand dock to get there. This was often a dangerous walk, but one that people were willing to risk for the pike and steelhead which seem to like that area of the lake.

Users do so at their own risk, and Dow will not plow, maintain or monitor the site.

from the Ludington Daily News, "P.M. Lake site to be open Jan. 1 to March 15", by Brian Mulherin, Jan 2, 2008
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