Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wintersportsfest - A Mini Winter Olympics for Youth

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The Muskegon Sports Council and West Michigan Speedskating Club have a mini-olympics planned for February 8-10. Competitions for anyone under age 18 will be offered in 22 sports at various venues in Muskegon, Kent, Ottawa and Oceana Counties of West Michigan. They are hoping to attract up to 3,000 young athletes from around the midwest and Canada.

"I don't know if we've ever had anything like this in west Michigan," said Mark Jastrzembski, council secretary and skating club president. "We're doing it for the kids and to raise the spirit of the community."

Competitions will include alpine skiing and snowboarding at Cannonsburg Ski Area, swimming at the Grand Haven High aquatic center and biathlon at Double JJ Ranch and Golf Resort.

Various indoor events such at table tennis, bowling and gymnastics. Outdoor events which are not snow-dependent, including disc golf and orienteering have been included.

The event will also include a figure skating exhibition and three all-star hockey games, Jastrzembski said.

For a complete list of events, venues and entry forms visit the Wintersportsfest Web site.

from the Muskegon Chronicle, "Organizers plan 3-day min-Olympics for youths", by Dave LeMieux, Jan 9, 2008
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