Friday, January 11, 2008

Traverse City Boardman River Banks Cleanup

LUSTs: Leaking Underground Storage Tanks... we don't hear so much about them any more, but in 1958 a large quantity of gasoline was released from one at a gas station in Traverse City. Soil and water contamination occurred as a result of the spill at the Boardman River.

In the 1990's private funds were applied to clean up the contamination from this spill, followed by more state funds.

But a recent drop in water levels revealed an approximately 25 foot area along the riverbank where the soil is still highly odorous and saturated with petroleum.

The Department of Environmental Quality has authorized $450,000 for the removal of this contaminated soil along the banks of the Boardman River.

"Leaking underground storage tanks continue to pose a tremendous risk to our environment and the health of our families," said DEQ Director Steven E. Chester. "There are unfortunately thousands of sites like this one across our state with extremely limited resources available for the DEQ to address them."

a news release of the Michigan DEQ, Jan 4, 2008
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