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New Book: Coming of Age on the Appalachian Trail

Coming of Age on the Appalachian Trail
Coming of Age on the Appalachian Trail
Michigan City, Indiana, author, Barry Veden, recounts his solo experiences on the Appalachian Trail in a new book.

Veden, 64, first hiked a section of the trail with his wife, Norma. But the difficulty of the experience was not for her. Steep inclines, and mice-riddled shelters were not Norma's cup of tea.

But Veden had felt the call of the trail, and did a 50-mile hike. Despite encountering a blizzard, he was hooked. He prefers a solo experience, so hikes in early spring before the usual crop of AT hikers sprout.

He begins:
" was with great trepidation when I strapped on a backpack for the first time and headed to the Appalachian Trail alone. I would be so far out of my element in the woods that it would be similar to a feeling one might experience if they stood naked on a corner in downtown Chicago during the Christmas shopping season, hoping no one would notice."
Veden is currently up to 600 miles on the 2200-mile trail, and he plans to keep hiking it in sections.

The author has a previously published book about experiences of soldiers fighting the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, My Heroes: The Men of Northern Indiana Chapter XXX Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge.

Coming of Age on the Appalachian Trail is short, only 76 pages. It is available on, and the one review posted to date gives it high praise, complaining only about its brevity.

from the Chicago Post-Tribune, "Author chronicles adventures on Appalachian Trail", by Amy Lavalley, Jan 3, 2008
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