Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mason County Historical Society President Reports

It was another busy year for the Mason County Historical Society. During the year we consummated an agreement with the City of Ludington which will allow us to operated a Port of Ludington Maritime Museum in the old Coast Guard Station. Presently, we are working with architectural firms to create a "top notch" museum. We are also working with the city to help them obtain ownership of the Station from the General Services Administration.

An endowment fund was established with the Community Foundation for Mason County along with a separate Maritime Project Fund. This was made possible through the generous support of our members. The endowment fund will provide long term income to support the operation and tasks of our Society. Contributions to the endowment fund are not spent by the Society, but rather conservatively invested by the Community Foundation. The earnings from these investments will provide future revenue for our needs. In addition, we have created a Maritime Fund for those who would like to contribute directly to the Mason County Historical Society.

Our Farm Tool Skills Learning Center [at White Pine Village] is well underway and should be completed by next summer. Construction is nearly complete for our Agricultural Equipment Buildings. Progress on other projects is moving at a slower pace. You will learn more about these and other activities at our annual meeting.

Exploring sites of historical interest can be an interesting way to "get off the couch" in a low-impact way. This is the reason such activities have been included in the Get Off The Couch resource. - Editor

by Dick Rathsack
from History Happenings, "President's Message", Nov, 2007- see FAIR USE notice.
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