Sunday, January 6, 2008

Leelanau Parks Waiting to See the Cash

The good news has been that Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund money has been awarded for the purchase of land for the Herman Park (see Plan to Raise $2M for Herman Park, Suttons Bay), and Veronica Valley (see Veronica Valley Purchase- Leelanau Commission Votes Yes). The bad news is that Leelanau County is still waiting to receive the funds. This wait puts a strain on the families who are waiting to sell, because they must continue to pay the taxes on the land.

It is to the credit of both families, the Hermans and Bill and Diane Grant, that they have stong feelings that the properties be converted to parks and not sold for development.

The total amount of the two grants, $994,200 toward the purchase of a total of 219 acres, was announced in December of 2006. The county has yet to receive a single cent of that amount. The DNR blames the legislature, and the legislature blames the governor.

"We just know that the Herman family has been very patient, and we're hoping that they'll hang in there with us a little while longer," said Deb Slocombe, the chair of Suttons Bay Township's parks and recreation committee. "We've never been able to figure out exactly why this process has been taking so long."

read the full article at the Leelanau Enterprise, "Families still await state funds for parks", Jan 6, 2008
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