Thursday, January 3, 2008

Harbor Springs Men Complete US Bike Trek

Harbor Springs bike riders
Harbor Springs bike riders
The four high-school buddies traveled by train to San Francisco, and headed for South Carolina on September 14.

Their first adventure: they immediately took a wrong turn and ended up on a five lane expressway with no shoulder during rush hour. One of the four headed back to Oakland claiming he had no death wish. There was a tunnel ahead, so the three remaining cyclists threw their bikes over a wall. They had to beat through the bushes, spider webs, and more traffic till they were reunited with their friend.

They headed for South Carolina on a new day...

There was no itinerary, just a map and routes offered by the Adventure Cycling Association. There was no training, and not even much planning. "Our training started on the first mountain," one quipped. But the guys averaged 50-60 miles a day, ending 3800 miles later at Charleston, SC on December 4.

The boys admit that normal life seems pretty boring just now. "Being in a car is weird," offered one of the quartet.

Any donations made in support of their ride are being directed to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

from the Harbor Light, "Road Warriors: Four Harbor Springs grads bicycle across country", Jan 2, 2008
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