Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Get Online Training to Fight Invasive Species

clearing invasive species
Online invasives training is available to help volunteers interested in this important work. Here, Refuge System staff and volunteers are helping to eradicate lesser celandine (also known as fig buttercup).
photo by Jan Ferrigan, VA Cooperative Extension
In collaboration with the Center for Invasive Plant Management, the National Wildlife Refuge System has designed an online training course for people interested in fighting one of the single greatest threats to the Refuge System – invasive species. The Refuge System has worked aggressively to combat invasive species, targeting more than 280,000 acres of refuge lands. Yet an estimated 1.72 million acres remain untreated.

The new invasive species Web site includes video, text and photos that provide background on the Refuge System and information about the science and management of invasive plants. The site also includes links to government and private Web sites dealing with the issue.

In 2003, the Refuge System joined The Nature Conservancy, the National Wildlife Refuge Association and the U.S. Geological Survey in training volunteers to use hand-held GPS devices to map invasive species on national wildlife refuges.

"We want volunteers to be able to engage their communities on the issue of invasives," said Jenny Ericson, national invasives volunteer coordinator for the Refuge System. "The online training provides practical tools on how to prevent and control invasive plants. Volunteers can be our greatest advocates in the fight against this major nationwide threat to wildlife and habitat."

a news release of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Jan 7, 2008
See invasive species Web site
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