Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Forget the Track, Hit Nature's Gym

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by Justin Raines

My mother is one of the South's few remaining butter cooks. In these days of low-fat recipes and healthy alternative spreads, she still uses enough butter in her holiday cooking to choke the arteries of a bull elephant.

This year, I arrived back in Rabun from a day at Mom's house for Christmas. During the drive down the interstate, I could feel my belly skin stretch and increase. By the time I made it back to Tiger, my body had expanded much like the capsulized foam lobsters that swell to 20 times their original size when placed in a bowl of water overnight.

As I lay writhing on the couch, feeling every cell and artery of my body expand, I began to think about New Year's resolutions. Something had to be done to counteract the effects of the butter shock. Bikini season was only a few short months away and with my rate of belly expansion, time was running out to get in shape for the ladies.... "

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Great article...Very fun to read. I would like to read more of his stuff...

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