Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fast Response Saves Pere Marquette from 200-Gallon Kerosene Spill

map of Ruby Creek spill area
map of Ruby Creek Kerosene Spill area
The Ruby Creek Store called 9-1-1 when an above-ground kerosene tank fitting broke and began leaking kerosene. The call was relayed to Garth Aslakson, an environmental quality analyst with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, who promptly drove down from Cadillac on Sunday.

Carr Fire Department was already on hand working with representatives of several other companies to contain the spill.

The kerosene was flowing across Taylor Road and into a ditch. Absorbant padding and booms (large "ropes" of absorbant material used to surround a pollutant) were used. And a vacuum truck sucked up about 7000 gallons of liquid.

Aslakson said that the quick response prevented the kerosene from reaching the South Branch of the Pere Marquette River.

It is speculated that ice fell off the roof and damaged the tank's fittings, causing the release of the kerosene.

read the full article at the Ludington Daily News, "200-gallon kerosene spill contained", by Brian Mulherin, Jan 8, 2008
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