Saturday, November 1, 2008

What Do You Think?

by Joan H. Young

Have you noticed that there is usually some non-scientific, but interesting (I hope) poll running in the right hand column?

The time just ran out on one that has been available for a few months. It posed the question: "How are gas prices affecting your hiking plans this summer? You can select more than one answer." There were 11 responders, and one of those people did select two answers. This is hardly a significant number of responses, but such as it is, 4 lucky people said that their hiking plans were not affected at all! One person said that they were taking one longer trip rather than more day hikes. Three people said they were hiking closer to home, and three more said they had cut back a bit. Two people reported that they were not traveling out of their local area. Perhaps we can conclude that the need to hike is so strong that it keeps the activity high on people's priority list.
poll results

The next poll will run for two months and focuses on the idea posed in the article License to Ski? from a few days ago. What do you think of paying more in order to have more assurance of maintained XC ski trails? If you have ideas or thoughts that aren't mentioned in the poll choices, please make a comment on the original article. I will convey the results of this poll to legislators who have been approached with this idea.

I know from the stats that there are more than 11 people reading this blog! Take a minute and add your voice.

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