Monday, November 24, 2008

Solo Hike Paddle Loops

hike / paddle loop
Pere Marquette loop
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from Alan Fark

If you're paddling Michigan rivers, you know it's a hassle to shuttle your own kayak or canoe back-and-forth from the start and end point, and you need a buddy to help you do it.

Here are some circuits which can be done without shuttling, and which combine hiking and paddling. They can be done solo. Most are on the North Country Trail. These are day trips, not overnights.

Either drop your canoe or kayak off at the upstream portion (lock it with a bicycle lock or hide it in weeds, and don't forget to leave paddles and life vest away from the boat), drive to your endpoint, hike upstream and paddle back to your car. You can also obviously just start paddling from the upstream point and walk back upstream to your car after leaving your boat at the "bottom." This latter strategy runs the risk of missing the bend in the river where you're supposed to stop, if you're unfamiliar with the landing spot.

Alan has provided maps and some info for five different loops. There is a 6th possibility for a short trip, on the map above. You can begin at Upper Branch Bridge, hike the NCT and Sulak Access Road and then paddle down to Upper Branch. This makes a short day trip... nice for families.

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