Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Arizona Jogger Wrestles Rabid Fox into Trunk, Drives to Hospital

from KPNX-TV

Michelle Felicetta was out for her daily run on a Chino Valley, Arizona trail. On forested Granite Mountain, near Prescott, Ms. Felicetta noticed a fox. Instead of fleeing, the fox ran up to her and bit her on the toe. The fox next lunged at her knee and bit her.

Michelle says that she realized right away the fox must be rabid. She grabbed the animal by the neck and ran a mile back to her car. She said, “It started thrashing in my hand, and it latched onto my left arm.” But the intrepid jogger had no intention of being deterred.

When she arrived at her car she pried open the fox’s jaws, wrapped it in a sweatshirt and put it in the trunk. From there she drove directly to a hospital where the fox was tested. It was positive for rabies.

Both Ms. Felicetta and the animal control officer are undergoing the series of rabies vaccinations. The officer was also bitten while removing the fox from the car.
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