Tuesday, November 4, 2008

AHS Provides Form Letter to Sec Kempthorne

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Take Action to Ensure that the National Park Service Maintains its Current Regulation on Bicycle Route Designation

Hikers, the National Park Service is considering a plan to relax their regulations that govern bicycles on trails - a change potentially made without public notice, review or comment. This could allow Park Superintendents to discriminately designate trails and trail use.

American Hiking Society supports the full involvement of hikers in policy development, funding, and planning and management decisions that potentially impact access to and the conservation of public recreation lands and the hiking experience.

Contact Secretary of the Interior Kempthorne and let him know that the hiking community's steadfast support and commitment to the National Park System is built on trust, transparency and full public engagement in their planning and regulatory decision-making processes.

Take action by using this form
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Todd Scott said...

The President's order simply makes the decision process for mountain biking trails the same as hiking and equestrian trails.

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