Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winter Rafting - A New Way to Experience Michigan

winter rafting
Rafters enjoy a winter excursion
down the Jordan River aboard the big blue rafts
of Jordan Valley Outfitters, East Jordan, Mich.
from, "Winter rafting in northern Michigan showcases season's beauty," by Andrea Tamboer, Nov 9

Think of the quiet of the winter woods. Add a Wild & Scenic River, an outfitter, and you are all set for a new experience in northern Michigan.

Jordan River Outfitters of East Jordan, and Big Bear Adventures in Indian River are two Lower Peninsula firms that offer winter rafting trips. More and more people are looking for an alternative to skiing and snowshoeing. Michigan waterways provide the medium. Deep snow cover is not required... a perfect activity for those not-so-snow-covered weekends.

About two hours is considered a good length for a safe trip. Dressing warmly is imperative, but you can be assured of staying dry. Jordan River Outfitters even provides snowshoes for a short hike midway through the trip, followed by hot drinks and snacks.

"The river is ever-changing in the winter," Jordan Outfitter's owner said. "A shelf of ice will develop and narrow the rapids. The next week, it's gone, and the current is more gentle."

Winter wildlife may be seen nearby; the rafts pass silently. Consider this novel way to enjoy a Michigan winter.

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