Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mandy Anderson - Conquerer of Mountains

Mandy Anderson
Mandy Anderson
photo by Marci Singer
from the Petoskey News Review, "Harbor Springs native conquers mountains," by Marci Singer, Nov 17, 2008

“Don’t make assumptions about what you think someone else can or cannot do just based on what you see,” Mandy told reporter Marci Singer.

Mandy Anderson has had but one leg for the past 25 years. Since then she has completed more than 10 mini triathlons. She loves to ski, hike, swim, sail, kayak, and ride her bike. She helped carry the Olympic Torch to Juno in 2002.

Most recently, she finished a mini-triathlon in Anchorage, Alaska in May of this year.

With her husband and two children, Anderson moved back to her home town of Harbor Springs, Michigan this year after living in Alaska. She is the director of Cross Village Rugworks.

She has expressed her delight that there are so many hiking and biking opportunities in northern Michigan.

When asked about her greatest athletic accomplishment she responded "riding up a little mountain pass” in Dutch Harbor (Port Alexander, Alaska) on her bicycle without stopping. “I’d ridden the same pass in triathlons but had to stop and walk. In the fall, right before we left, right before the road closed for the winter, I made it over the pass without stopping,” she said smiling.

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