Friday, October 31, 2008

Haunted Barn? Just an Owl

Barn Owl
click the picture to hear a Barn Owl
image from the Barn Owl Trust
audio from the Owl Cam

by Joan H. Young

The ghostly face of the barn owl in the rafters is a childhood memory I cherish rather than fear. I took their presence all too much for granted. My father told me that they ate the mice and rats in the barn, and were nothing to be afraid of despite their eerie screams and hisses. A more vivid memory than their calls is the sound heard much more often, the echo of their heavy wings beating as they flew from beam to beam and settled on a new perch.

I haven't seen one for many years now, but I'd be happy to have one decide to haunt my barn.

Go to to hear a professional recording of their voice. You can even download it as a ringtone for your cell phone.

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See The Owl Cam
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