Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Swimmer Jim Dreyer Brings Adventures in Mentoring to Ottawa County

from a news release of The Holland Sentinal, "Man-to-man mentoring aims at getting active outdoors," by Jeremy Gonsoir, Nov 13, 2008

Now that Jim Dreyer has swum all the Great Lakes, he wants other guys to get outside too.

Dryer, a Byron Center resident, will take his Adventures in Mentoring program to Holland. The seven-week program hopes to pair men with young men from juvenile court, or the children of prisoners.

His hope is that men who feel unqualified to mentor, but who are comfortable doing outdoor activities will be willing to share their skills with young people. This will help the adults feel more at ease. Dreyer said, "We are saying 'hey share your passion with the next generation.'"

The mentor and young person will train in a clinic in such activities as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, or mountain biking. The program will come to a conclusion with a weekend camp where the teams can compete in their newly learned sports.

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