Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nub's Nob Adds Chairlift at Pintail Peak

a news release of Michigan Skier

Nob's Nob Ski Area of Harbor Springs, Michigan, has a new custom-built triple-seat chairlift for the Pintail Peak. It is a fixed-grip chairlift that will increase uphill skier and snowboarder capacity on the Peak by over 65 percent. Nubs Nob has also added 12 additional snow guns, manufactured by the Nub's Nob crew, bringing the total arsenal count to 262.

The ski area purchased all new adult and children snowboards, boots and bindings for their rental fleet. Last year, they purchased all new skis, boots and bindings so their rental department is very up-to-date.

Nubs is adding two new season passes to their offerings, the Limited Pass and the College Pass. The Limited Pass is less expensive than the Unlimited Pass and allows the holder to ski anytime except Saturday daytime and blackout dates. The College Pass reduces the rates for college students through age 21, with a valid college ID.

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