Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lowell to Ionia Rail-Trail Connection Progress

map of the Lowell to Ionia Trail
from a master trail plan map of
Michigan Trails and Greenways Coalition
fromThe Grand Rapids Press, "Lowell to Ionia recreation trail steps forward," by Aaron Ogg, Nov 7, 2008

The West Michigan Trails and Greenways Coalition (WMTGC) recently bought a 15.8-mile chunk of abandoned railroad grade from Lowell to Ionia. This is in keeping with the master plan to create new recreation trail.

WMTGC prefers not to directly own land, and it is expected that their ownership will be temporary. Volunteer groups, such as Friends of the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail, will play a large role in developing and maintaining the route.

Agreements with the three counties along the section will also need to be formulated. Those are Ionia, Shiawasee and Clinton counties.

The city of Ionia is excited by this action. The new trail will provide a non-motorized connection to the Ionia State Recreation Area, the Ionia Fairgrounds, and downtown Ionia.

The right-of-way was purchased from RailAmerica Inc.

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