Saturday, December 1, 2007

Mullen Retires as Ludington State Park Manager

Ludington State Park Manager for 18 years, Mike Mullen, retired November 30. Mullen began his career in 1969 at Silver Lake State Park and then served at four other Michigan parks before being hired as Park Manager at Ludington in 1989. Mullen says that he always felt that Ludington was a great place to be. He declined to list his own accomplishments, but pointed to the many great people he has been able to hire over the years.

Some of those great people threw him a non-party, since Mullen requested that there be no retirement celebration. Nevertheless, about 30 people showed up to "not" celebrate.

Others stepped up to tell about Mullen's successes. The partnership with the Big Sable Point Lighthouse Association was crafted by Mike. When the state took over the lighthouse property in 2002, Mullen wrote a lease with the Association by which they provide the interpretation of the lighthouse, operate a gift shop, and preserve its history.

Mullen also helped create Friends of the Park. This group is responsible for the warming shelter, and the snowshoe program. The Friends also help repair the park shelters, originally built by the CCC.

Others said that Mike will be remembered for his integrity and his high standards. Mullen and his wife, Colleen plan to retire to the Upper Peninsula.

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