Sunday, December 23, 2007

Calling All Girl Scout Roundup Attendees

Girl Scout Roundup Sign
Colorado Sign
If you were one of the 36,000 Girl Scouts who attended one of the four international Roundups, you're invited to a reunion in Colorado in July 2009.

The first Roundup was held in Milford, Michigan in 1956 with 5000 Scouts. 1959 was in Colorado Springs, with 10,000 girls. Button Bay, VT followed in 1962 with 9000 attendees, and the final Roundup was in 1965 at Farragut, Idaho. 12,000 Scouts traveled to Idaho.

These Roundups spawned lasting friendships and indelible memories to last a lifetime. The girls who attended the Roundups are now in the autumn of their years. But the memories and friendships are still clear. In 2002 over 200 "girls" were "rounded up" for the first Roundup Reunion held at Button Bay, VT. Alumni from all four Roundups were in joyful attendance, to re-live some of the memories we hold so dear. Word spread, and in 2006 yet another reunion was held at Button Bay. Friendships were renewed, new friends made, memories shared, songs sung together, and activities enjoyed. Some still camped out in tents and RV's, while others retired from the rough and stayed at hotels and B&B's.

Spread the word -- at the 2009 reunion we will re-visit the Garden of the Gods, the Air Force Academy, and the Flying W Ranch. Dorm rooms have been reserved at Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Buses are being arranged to take everyone to their chosen activities. Enjoy the wonders of Colorado -- the splendor of the mountains, the incredible climate, and meet up with old friends.

If you are a Roundup Alum, follow the link below to register for more information as the planning continues.

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