Friday, December 7, 2007

Note From Admin

As of December 7, 2007, all Get Off The Couch News will be hosted here.

News posted previous to August 2007 can be accessed from the News Archive for now. Eventually, all the news will be moved here.

The change is being made in order to make it possible for people to comment on news articles and also to allow for Google Adsense advertising to be placed on this page.

Several news items will be posted that are a bit dated at this point. Due to various circumstances the whole Get Off The Couch project was put on hold for about four months, but hopefully it will soon be better than ever! Make this your source for news pertaining to quiet, muscle-powered recreation in West Michigan. Come back soon.

This page is in direct association with Get Off The Couch with information, maps, and locations of recreation opportunities.

by Joan H. Young

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