Friday, December 28, 2007

Ludington Duo Sailing "Somewhere Warm"

The Wanderer
The Wanderer
Two Ludington men, Wayne Dewyer and Ryan Quick, left the Great Lakes in September with the goal of sailing "somewhere warm."

Their 27-foot sloop the Wanderer has now taken them as far as Myrtle Beach, North Carolina.

From Ryan's Blog, December 26:

Greetings back home, here's a little update about our adventure thus far. It's been smooth sailing (no pun intended) the last few days. Although we ran into some restricted waters; apparently that was where the Marines were using as practice. Wayne and I kept hearing fully-automatic shots being fired and these military boats kept flying by us with military men manning the .50 caliber guns. That was about the time Wayne and I looked at each other and asked ourselves "did we take a wrong turn somewhere?" We weren't in the area very long before we had a military boat escort us out of there.

After we got out of the Resctricted Area, it got dark and we dropped Kong (our 80 lb anchor), and relaxed for the night. For the first few hours we had military helicopters flying JUST over our mast every 15 minutes or so, almost like clockwork. After preparing some sandwiches and rice, we sat on top of the boat and watched the drills go on during the night. You could see the tracers of the guns they were using, it was our entertainment for the night.

The next day, which was Christmas day, we hit Myrtle Beach, which looked like a ghost town! This is where we docked for the day to celebrate our Christmas. Absolutely beautiful town, and about every type of shop you can think of exists here. It's such a beautiful town to stop in, and it's a shame nothing is open due to the holidays. I feel like we're walking through an old western village.

From Wayne's Blog, December 21:

My Catalina 28, She was built in California at the Catalina plant in 1973 with a lot of soul and heart I might add. I refer to her as she. I'll tell you why just wait. This boat is referred to as she because it reminds of a women, she cost a lot to maintain, demands attention daily, and pisses me off every other day. But, But she has beautiful lines, has grace and beauty, and is my rock when I know I need to count on her to get us through the days sail. See you thought you were going to hear something bad.

She came with six sails. We have two main sails, two jibs, one Genoa and a running spinnaker. We have an Auto helm this allows us to dial in a course, a compass reading and set the helm, a computer and leave the cockpit and the auto helm will steer for us. Its like having cruise control on your car except you can leave the steering wheel to go to the back seat or some thing. The Auto Helm is like magic as the wind picks up the rod attacked to the tiller will just move to compensate the gusts of wind.

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