Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stearns Park to Have Lifeguards Summer 2008

Ludington City Council has voted to keep lifeguards on duty at Stearns Park in a squeaker 4-3 decision.

The city budget is currently balanced, and $26,700 has been designated for lifeguards. This is $1000 less than in 2007. There is no plan to purchase any new equipment in connection with the lifeguard duties.

Some councilors who oppose the expenditure point out that Ludington is the only community on Lake Michigan with lifeguards. Officials in some cities have received legal advice that if there is a drowning there is actually greater liability for the city if there is a lifeguard present.

Councilors in favor of lifeguards are Pete Engblade, Greg Dykstra, Kaye Ferguson Holman, and David Weston. Opposed are Brent Scott, Paul S. Peterson, and Gary Castonia.

from the Ludington Daily News Dec 4, 2007
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