Friday, November 30, 2007

State Forest Pathway Grooming Takes DNR Budget Hit

The Department of Natural Resources said today it will work on existing agreements and contracts for trail grooming for cross-country skiing this winter, but will not enter into any new volunteer agreements during the current fiscal year. Also, 16 additional pathways that the DNR maintained in the past will not be groomed this winter. These decisions highlight the impact of a General Fund reduction of $423,200 to the Forest Recreation Program in the Fiscal Year 2008 budget.

"As the snow begins to fall, we have immediate concerns related to groomed cross-country ski trails," said DNR Director Rebecca Humphries. "Many of these trails are important to recreation activities that help the local economy and they are very popular destinations. However, given the General Fund reduction, we cannot continue with business as usual."

Pathways in and near the area covered by this web site include: Muncie Lakes in Grand Traverse County and Pine Valley in Lake County

"We have many other forest recreation responsibilities that will be impacted by the General Fund reduction of $423,200," said Jim Radabaugh, DNR statewide trails coordinator. "We are currently reviewing what reductions will be necessary, including the potential for additional campground closures in the state forest campgrounds program for Fiscal Year 2008."

State forest pathways provide non-motorized trail activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. The pathways are not a part of state parks. There are more than 550 miles of pathways in state forests, of which 242 miles were groomed for cross-country skiing.

For the full list of affected pathways, see link below.

from a news release of the Michigan DNR, Nov 29, 2007, with added comments
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