Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dam Sirens to Be Tested Friday

Friday, December 14, at 9 am the siren at Tippy Dam (Wellston area) near High Bridge Road will be sounded. This is a regular test of the emergency public warning siren and speaker system maintained by Consumers Energy. The siren test at Hodenpyl dam (Mesick area) will be tested at 11 am on the same date.

The tests will include a voice message, sounding of the siren, and a second voice message. No action needs to be taken by the public. The system is regularly tested every August and December.

Such tests are required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. If there were an imminent threat of dam failure the sirens would be sounded, and anyone on or near the river should move immediately to high gound.

Consumers Energy operates hydroelectric generating plants at both Tippy and Hodenpyl Dams.

from the Ludington Daily News, December 12, 2007
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