Saturday, December 29, 2007

Girl's Death Raises Ski Slope Design Questions

Clare Dougherty, the 13-year-old girl who crashed into a barrier and died while skiing at Schuss Mountain may have had trouble stopping in time at the end of a ski run. Some say that this is due to a lack of regulation of Michigan ski hills.

Some skiers say that there is nothing to prevent someone from running into barriers, and that the stopping distances are too short.

Mark Doman, manager of ski and amusement safety for the Michigan Ski Area Safety Board, determined that no laws were broken. The Ski Area Safety Act governs lifts, rope tows and vehicles on hills and some signs.

Trail design, however, is not covered by the regulations. The resort has launched its own investigation into the incident. Jack Eslick, COO for Shanty Creek Resorts said that there have never been any safety issues voiced concerning the slope.

Clare's family has stated that they do not plan to sue the resort, but have hopes that problems will be corrected.

from MLive, "Girl's death sheds light on lack of Michigan ski trail design regulations", Dec 29, 2007
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