Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Village of Honor Hopes to Become Gateway to Sleeping Bear

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26,000 cars a day come through Honor, Michigan, and HARP President, Ingemar Johannson, wants to see more of them stop in the small town with a big name.

For a number of years, Honor has been in decline, but the HARP group, Honor Area Restoration Project, is working hard to change that.

Of course there are projects like making a better sidewalk to make the community more pedestrian and bike friendly, and cleaning up or removing decaying buildings. But for those who love outdoor recreation, the town hopes to become a gateway village for visiting Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Johannson said, "There is such great potential here. We are in a beautiful river valley. We have a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream in the Platte River." You could put in a canoe and float to Lake Michigan.

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