Friday, February 17, 2012

Izaak Walton League Works for Asian Carp Control

asian carp
Asian Carp

from the Izaak Walton League

Our fellow Ike’s, on the Great Lakes Committee, have a tremendous problem with Asian Carp working their way up the Mississippi River. Below is a message from Jill Crafton, chairperson of the Great Lakes Committee, bringing the other members of
the GLC up to date on some of their action. This is a preview of what we would have if the carp get established in the Great Lakes.

"Dave Zentner and I have been participating in a coalition to stop Asian Carp from moving further up the Mississippi River and into the Minnesota and St. Croix Rivers. We have been working since April via conference calls and various meetings with DNR, Governor, and/or Corps (John Goss showed for that one hosted at DNR) to push for action. There was representation from a Task Force of scientists, USFW, USGS, and MN DNR.

“The latter developed a comprehensive strategy that includes sampling and
monitoring for eDNA at various points in the river, discussing triggers for positive eDNA hits (lock and dam closure is the only sure solution) etc. The Governor has held a couple of Summits on Asian Carp and is demanding action. One Congressional leader is drafting legislation that would help resolve barriers to Corps ACTING to close a lock and dam.

"Our new Mississippi River staffer working under Brad Redlin is supporting us
and is amazing in the experience and gumption she brings to the table. The Non-profit contingent of our MN AIS Coalition has engaged the media on a couple occasions which culminated in a media press event to call for action. Since the locks are closing for the winter, the task was for a modified lock closure plan to be
ready before opening the locks in the spring.

"Zentner, and others from Friends of Mississippi, MN Responsible
Property Owners (fighting AIS in MN lakes), and MN Conservation Federation made statements and fielded questions on the need for action, the urgency for solutions, impact on navigation and effectiveness of barriers. Zentner was awesome in keeping the focus on the need for urgency and action."

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