Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Historic Pavilion at Onaway SP Burns

Onaway State Park Fire
pavilion after the fire(photo from 9&10 News)

from TV 9&10 and other sources

A fire yesterday at Onaway State Park, in Presque Isle County, burned so thoroughly that it may never be determined what caused the blaze. The 90-year-old structure was part of an historic district within the park.

The pavilion had been rented and used on Saturday, but connecting the fire definitively with that event is unlikely. The structure had burned to the ground before firefighters could reach the scene.

Onaway State Park pavilion
pavilion section (photo from the Presque Isle County Advance)
Onaway State Park was created when the land was donated to the State of Michigan in 1920. It had previously been a county park named Indian Orchard. Native Americans, travelers and settlers throughout history used the area heavily. The park sits on a huge limestone shelf and development of the park was an engineering feat.

It has not been determined what will be done about the loss, but the park manager states that the public will have input.

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