Thursday, February 16, 2012

Michigan Flora Author Ed Voss Dies

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Ed Voss

by JHY with info from the Huron Valley Chapter of the Michigan Botanical Club and other sources

Ed Voss, the man who wrote the three-volume Michigan Flora, has died of a stroke. Nature lovers have lost one of the great minds of the era.

Voss spent his career at the University of Michigan. His undergraduate degree was earned in biology from Denison in 1950, and then proceeded to the University of Michigan where he obtained his masters one year later, and then his Ph.D in botany in 1954. In 1956 he joined the U of M staff and remained there. He formally retired in 1996, but continued with the University Herbarium, and had been focusing on the changing world of botanical nomenclature.

Ed was a stickler for accuracy, and one of the joys of my personal life as an amateur botanist was to show him some pictures of rare plants that he enjoyed seeing. Impressing Ed was not an easy task.

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