Sunday, February 5, 2012

Notes from Admin

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by JHY

Some of you may have noticed that there haven't been any postings here for a while. Once again, I 'm scrambling to try to make enough money to get by. I had great hopes for the Get Off The Couch website, as an income producer, but it hasn't really worked out that way. I was thinking that local places which cater to outdoor recreation would be eager to advertise on a targeted website. The reality is that most local businesses don't see much value in internet advertising. So...

I added Google AdSense ads to the site, and have had some small success with that. Of course, those ads pay nothing unless someone clicks on one.

That's doesn't mean I've given up, but I can't spend hours every week on something that pays a couple of bucks. I wish I were independently wealthy, but who doesn't?!

If you own a business in West Michigan that is related to quiet outdoor recreation (food, lodging, services, etc.) I'd be glad to speak with you about the extremely reasonable rates for targeted advertising. If you are a non-profit with similar interests you can have your logo and link displayed at an even lower rate. For more information, contact me: Joan H. Young

Anyway... I've recently become a weekly columnist at Mason County Press. The name of the feature is "Get Off the Couch - Explore Michigan." Each Thursday I'll share some current information about a place I've recently visited. There is a good chance that venue will generate some income in the near future. It's also good motivation for me to pick up the threads of Get Off The Couch, and get things up to date. I really want to add even more- there are plenty of places not yet on the site.

Other changes include plans to move the web site to a different server. That should be seamless, meaning that no one would even know I've done it, but it takes quite a lot of work on my part. However, the change will save a lot of money, so I need to do it.

You should begin to see more regular postings on this blog. Thanks for your patience!

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