Thursday, February 9, 2012

Manistee Forest Seeks Student Bio Techs

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male and female Karner Blue butterflies (photo from the National Forest Service)

from Heather Keough, District Wildlife Biologist USDA Forest Service

The Baldwin/White Cloud Ranger District, located in western lower Michigan, will be hiring four student biological science technicians to assist with various fish, wildlife, and vegetative surveys between mid-May and mid-August 2012.

Technicians will work as a member of a survey team to:
1) inventory endangered, threatened, and sensitive wildlife species;
2) assess habitat suitability for various wildlife species;
3) conduct counts to estimate abundance of Karner blue butterflies, a federally listed endangered species, within designated management areas;
4) conduct vegetative surveys to estimate acreage of suitable Karner blue butterfly habitat within designated management areas;
5) conduct vegetative surveys to assess the effectiveness of different management treatments for restoring openings, savannas/barrens, and Karner blue butterfly habitat;
6) conduct electrofishing surveys to assess the status of various fish populations and assess the effectiveness of aquatic habitat improvements;
7) identify management concerns for use in developing management plans; and
8) layout and implement habitat improvement projects for wildlife and fish.

The data collected will be used by professional staff to develop management plans and conservation measures. Technicians also will assist with fish and wildlife management activities, complete detailed field reports, enter data into various databases, and participate in outreach activities to educate the public about wildlife conservation issues.

To apply for a student biological science technician position, please contact Heather Keough for an application. Application materials must be submitted by February 29, 2012.

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