Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Woman Walks 10,000 Miles - You Can Too!

Martha Michel
Martha Michel celebrates her 10,000th mile (still from KKTV video- see link below)
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Yesterday, the 88-year old Martha Michel of Colorado made headlines as she celebrated the 10,000th mile she has walked in memory of her late husband. Martha and Lester Michel used to walk together around the pond at the Namaste Alzheimer Center every day. Since Lester died in 1998 she has continued her walks, keeping track of each lap around the pond on a golf counter.

I have no desire to belittle this accomplishment, but would like to point out that this is a goal that almost anyone can attain! Although this is the equivalent of hiking across the United States several times, it was accomplished by walking only 3 miles a day over the course of 12 years. A three-mile walk takes only an hour or a little more to complete, certainly possible for anyone who decides to take the time to do it.

The Michels had a long history of outdoor experiences. Lester was a Colorado "Fourteener," having climbed the 55 peaks in the state over 14,000 feet. Martha accompanied him on 32 of them.

However, a history of physical fitness does not overcome the simple commitment to a course of action. "Whether it’s raining, snowing, sunshine in 100 degree heat, Martha is out with her red umbrella and jacket, doing her 15 laps a day," commented Namasté administrator Janice Fisher.

And even three miles a day can be a challenge. Martha has a screw and 9-inch pin in one ankle. Not to mention that at 88 years of age even being spry does not mean that you'll feel like walking every day.

But, that simple commitment to walk every day can net you 10,000 miles or more too!

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