Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grand River 2010 Expedition

Grand River
Grand River (photo from Expedition 2010)
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based on a news article from M-Live, by Aaron Ogg
and information from the Grand River Expedition web site

The Grand River is Michigan's longest river. Its basin is 5,570 square miles, has 18 counties and 158 townships. July 14-26, 2010 are the dates set for the next Grand River Expedition. Planners are drawing on experience from both the Grand River Expeditions 1990 and 2000. This journey of discovery will explore and document the problems and opportunities of Michigan's Grand River and its watershed.

Grand River Expedition 2010 includes a multi-disciplined team of scientists, technicians, historians, educators, students, environmental professionals, boaters and anglers, civic and business leaders, local, state and federal government representatives, writers, visual media specialists and private individuals from the general public.

But the organizers had been counting on financial support from General Motors, and the current economy has now forced them to look for more diverse sources of funding. "It's going to be on a budget," said Charlie Parmelee, river master for 2010.

The water team will paddle canoes and kayaks to conduct studies and specific tasks while on the Grand River. In addition, the expedition will offer presentations, displays and demonstrations to communities along the river in an attempt to interact with the Grand River and its people throughout the watershed.

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