Monday, October 26, 2009

Kayak Accident Has Good Outcome

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based on a news article at WZZM TV

Yet another recreational boating accident in west Michigan occurred about 4 pm today on the Grand River, in downtown Grand Rapids. In this case, two kayakers, identified only as a middle-aged couple, nearly lost their lives.

The kayaks were being paddled above the low dam near DeVos Center, but apparently did not realize that the dam was there, or the danger. Nearby fishermen in a boat called to them to watch out, but they were unable to warn the kayakers in time.

When they saw the kayaks go over the dam and tip, their boat was the only one nearby in the river, and the fisherman quickly came to the rescue. They were able to pull the man and woman from the water and deliver them to the shore.

The woman was apparently unconscious, but was revived by paramedics. Both were transported to the hospital and their conditions are reported to be non-life threatening.

Just four days ago a canoeist died on the Kalamazoo River. Earlier this year a kayaker on the Red Cedar River (Lansing) was able to call for help because he had carefully packed his cell phone in a waterproof bag, and in September a sailboat capsized near Muskegon, but the sailor was rescued. Small craft recreation is highly popular but the risks should not be taken lightly.

Even experienced boaters and swimmers would be wise to wear a life vest. Know the waterway you are traveling. Remember that the colder water of spring and fall can be more deadly. Practice handling your craft in calm water until you are capable of attempting more risky outings. Learn what to do when capsized in both moving and still water.

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